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Sunday, 1 October 2017

Démonstration de Véhicules Anciens - Gallardon, 2017

GN Martyr Cyclecar doing a demonstration run at Gallardon.
We interrupt our coverage of Laguna Seca to bring you photos of a local event in Gallardon, France.  Today was the occasion of the annual demo runs at the Musée Atéliers des Pionniers.   Unfortunately, the weather was not favourable this year but I certainly had an enjoyable hour seeing these lovely old cars, three wheelers and bikes.  Thanks to the participants for coming out on a rainy day.

For more about the Musée Atéliers des Pionniers, click here.

Atomic Orange three wheeler completes its demo run.
Old BSA motorbike.
This DHR completed a number of runs after lunch.

Impressive Anthony.pre-war racing car.

A Morgan Three Wheeler entertains the enthusiastic crowd who came despite the rain.
Lovely to see the Bédélia Cycle Car make a run.
1909 Renault AX.  Look at the rain pouring off of it.
A rather more modern Chevrolet Pickup.
The Salmson driver waves to the spectators.  Notice the dog in the car!

This three wheeler looks like a homemade modern creation.
The DHR kicks up some spray.
The Anthony and the Salmson parked up.
That modern three wheeler again.
Beautiful MG and Bugatti.
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