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Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Division 3 - Rallycross Dreux 2017

Jean-Baptiste Vallée in a Renault Clio 3 leads Anne LaureTriguel's BMW Serie 1 through the joker section.
The French Rallycross Division Three is one of my favourite rallycross categories.  The cars are silhouette cars with different bodies chosen by the drivers placed on tubular chassis with 3,500cc 450hp motors and 4WD.    There are lots of varieties of bodies and spectacular racing.  What more could you want? 
Jean-Yves Ollivier in the Audi TTRS chases the Mini Cooper of Bertrand Girardot.
Grégory Le Guerneve in his Peugeot was classified fourth at Dreux.
Nice agressive cornering from Emmanuel Le Borgne in  his Susuki Swift.
Seventh placed Franck Pelhatre leads a group through the esses.
Just after the start of a heat on Saturday, with Mathieu Trevian leading.  He was eventually to win the final. 
David Durand in his Skoda Fabia leads Jean-Luc Lachat's VW Polo around the Carousel.
Jean-Luc Lechat attacks corner two in his VW polo.
Anne laure Triguel in her BMW Serie 1.
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