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Les courses automobiles francaises et voitures classiques

Early Days of Motoring

Pictures of the 2016 run commemorating the 1899 Paris-Rambouillet race.  Click here.

The World's First Motor Race
Find out where this statue to commemorate the winner of the first motor race is.

Early Land Speed Records
Discover the battle to become the first man to drive at over 100kph and where it is commemorated.

The World's First Hillclimb
Where was the World's first hill climb held?  See pictures from this years demo runs at this historic venue.

The 1906 and 1907 Rambouillet Circuit and 1902 Land Speed Record

The story and course of the 1906 and 1907 Coupe de L'Auto races at Rambouillet and the 1902 Land Speed Record of William Vanderbilt.

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